Water that Can Tweet

  The Voice of Water. Secure Waters Inc. has robots that test water and use socialmedia to share the results. I don’t know if they caught wild robots and trained them to do this stuff, or if they built them specifically for these tasks, but I know they have at least one. It’s in Ladybird Lake, and it started tweeting today, but it might not be there much longer. Remember when terrorists were going to poison our water supply? Me either, but I can’t forget a time when “the media” wouldn’t stop shouting about the inevitability of such an attack. That crap fueled a lot of fear and uneasiness, which helped drive the creation of some pretty damn versatile technology. Secure Waters expanded upon some of that stuff and now they’re trying to put it to work with what they call the AquaSentinel. The AquaSentinel can be deployed to salt or freshwater environments. Once there, it uses light to monitor the photosynthesis process in green algae, and it doesn’t require chemicals or frequent maintenance. If the sentinel detects a pollutant or an unfamiliar condition, it draws a water sample into onboard storage and tells its human overlords to take a look. This sucker has won multiple awards, it’s quickly becoming a decorated veteran. You can help keep Austin’s aquatic point man in the water by donating to their Indiegogo campaign. Also check out the reports submitted by your local robot ally by following his-her-its Twitter feed, @AustinAQS I know that Austin cares about water, can you help us keep this AquaSentinel in our city? @stupidgregg Update: The Indiegogo campaign has...
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