SXSW Eco Shepard Fairey keynote (Live Blog)

The live blog is done! SXSW Eco Shepard Fairey spotlight  Following is what transpired (in reverse order): 15:03 15:03 That was fast. Big standing ovation.   Well Jeremy, how bad did we screw that up? 15:02 “We’re frequently made to feel inferior if we don’t overconsume.” — fucking brilliant   15:01 15:01 Earlier Fairey said, “Urban Outfitters are conservative assholes.” That’s good to know, Damn, he’s almost out of time. – Stupidgregg   15:01 15:00 Awesome – he’s a philanthropist AND he made some artwork showing non-threatening polar bears.   14:59 Fairey ijoked about how “Communal Use” is frequently condemned being labled as “communism.”  – Stupidgregg   14:59 14:58 14:57 Rock Hill Preservation   14:57 Fairey explained his belief that sometimes it’s really important to do the right thing because it’s the cool thing to do, not because they feel guilty. Edit: I totally effed this. He was talking about motivating people. He explained that using “cool” as a motivator, instead of guilt, is important. – Stupidgregg   14:56 14:55 One of my favorites, “The Toxicity Inspector” (below) was inspired by the way politcians (Cheney)  misrepresent “things.” Kinda’ like the Patriot Act? – Stupidgregg   14:55 14:53 “Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.”   14:53 Philosophy 5: Sometimes the most powerful weapon against propaganda is absurdity.   14:52 On his piece for Smashing Pumpkins, Zeitgeist. He doesn’t do commercial art very often, but when he does, he tries to sneak his agenda into it. The work has two meanings, violations of what the Statue of Liberty symbolizes, and global warming. – Stupidgregg   14:52 He doesn’t need to do...
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