About B2Me2

What is this site about? 

We deliver critical information about world issues without the B.S.


We’re just getting started, but the following illustrates our intent for the site:

  • Provide the reader with fact based information in casual, easy-to-understand language.
  • Write articles that are to-the-point, with consideration to those who have limited time.
  • Identify ideas in the world that influence the thoughts and actions of individuals and groups in either a harmful or beneficial way.
  • Refute individual and collective misconceptions.
  • Act as a vehicle to bring important topics that are generally far removed from society into mainstream culture and thought.
  • Bring entities to light that have the potential to be, or are detriments to society.
  • Bring entities to light that have the potential to be, or are beneficial to society.
  • Provide a holistic analysis of various affairs in the world that have a moderate to extreme effect on the collective psyche of cultures and nations.
  • Act as a catalyst to enhance understanding of past and present human rights issues.
  • Be a tool to carve out common misunderstandings regarding differences in humans (this includes mental and physical illnesses, race, religion, etc.).
  • Bring understated instances of injustice to light.

Criteria for an article to be included on the site

  • The subject of the content has a moderate to extreme effect on society in either a detrimental or beneficial way.
  • The information addresses a common or not-so-common misconception.
  • The article will in some way help with bringing important but often neglected issues to mainstream awareness.
  • The information uncovers ideas and actions that ultimately cause harm to people.
  • The article brings to light any organization, individual, or idea to light that is or has the potential to enhance the welfare of people.
  • The content addresses any form of injustice.
  • The content itself will ultimately be a catalyst for enhancing the knowledge and well-being of humanity.

Would you like to write for B2Me2? If so send us an email and tell us why at hi@b2me2.com.


A bit of a backstory:

It was a few years ago when I was sitting on an uncomfortable couch in an uncomfortable neighborhood in Austin, TX that I decided to search for a new domain. I stumbled upon b2me2.com and thought it had a nice ring to it, but had no idea what I’d do with it.

For a few years I had no idea what I really wanted to do with it, so I just started writing random shit. The aforesaid random shit ranged from how to deal with creditor calls to odd behavior in gym apartments. It was basically a melting pot of a precious few decent articles and a lot of haphazardly strewn together streams of thought. I’ve thrown all that over to barkingbananas.com (random domain searches are kinda fun), if you care to check any of it out.

Just recently I attended SXSW Eco with my co-writer Gregg Charalambous and an old-time friend Nora Mata (thank you for the picture taking skills Nora). It was there that a number of key things happened:

– In the midst of creating content based on things we were capturing at the conference, Gregg pointed out that my random shit probably didn’t belong on B2Me2 anymore, and that B2Me2’s vision would really need to be carved out. Good point man, but dammit you’re making me work here.

– We met up with the team from Secure Waters, and received a great many words of incredible advice from CEO Franco Valentino (thank you Franco, we seriously appreciate it). Check out the article on Secure Waters here.

– I thought a lot about what the hell the site should be about.

– I worked with Gregg and our co-worker Traci (awesome editor and author of the book Limoncello Yellow) for input on the path being carved for the site.

– I am now writing this in a hotel room at 7:18 AM PST.

– Jeremy Nickel

You can reach me at:


Current writers are myself and:

Gregg Charalambous @stupidgregg


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